Index Project, renovated, Open Space, Victoria, CA, 2009.

Index project (renovated)

In 1975 Art & Language (NY) conducted a series of discussions in Australia as an extension of their “Blurting” project - itself an extension of their Index project and designed as a manifold of conversational engines. As a process of emphasizing the problem of communication in general, of “cultural distance” and notions of provincialism, 12 of their “Blurts” were relayed via cable to discussion sessions in Melbourne and Adelaide as a process designed to accumulate “socio-cultural noise”. The project was a disaster.

Index project (renovated) returns “Blurting” from another set of cultural, generational, geographical, distances. As a response to the “Blurts” of A&L Index project (renovated) aims to re-activate the conversational and textual parameters of that discursive machinery. Taking place at Open Space, Victoria BC, Canada, Index project (renovated) re-constitutes and renovates the processes of the Index/Blurts, reproducing the conditions of “cultural distance” and “provincialism” while recognizing these as already performative. It too aims to accumulate “socio-cultural noise”. It too has the potential to be a disaster.

Blurting at Open Space (installation image), 2009, HD stereo video, 34.15 minutes.

Blurting at Open Space 2009, 2 part HD stereo video:
“Blurting #1” with Meg Fulton, Jinhan Ko, James Lindsay, Jillian Player, and stenographer, Anthony Beks. (34.15 minutes)
"Blurting #2" with Marlaina Buch, Gerry Gauthier, Jessie Jakumeit, Ross Macaulay, and Lindsay Miller.(28.45 minutes)

Art & Language Blurting New York – Australia 1975 blurted back 2009, A&L pamphlet with blurt (Alex Martinis Roe), A0 digital print.

Blurting to Canada 2009 Australia (Sean Loughrey, Jan Bryant, Scott Redford) London (Ben. Harper), Berlin (Elly Clarke), digital prints, each 11" x 17”.