Museum Emotions , 2001-2003

Extra at Opening, still from Museum Emotions, 2001-2003

Museum Emotions is a contemporary art story. Taking the form of a 'conceptual' soap opera, it uses the dramatic forms of mainstream soap-opera - the episodic structure, the endlessly deferred dramatic resolution, the flat characterisation and flattened production values - as a parallel to develop a story of the melancholy of the contemporary artist. A plot-stream in continual flux, the ambiguous time-frames and varying visual and sonic styles point to the random sampling of any scenario of a narrative, of any discourse of art theory, of any genre, as a condition of the contemporary moment.

Museum Emotions 2003, Digital Betacam, stereo video, 104 minutes.
Episode 1: The Wonder
Episode 2: The Spontaneous Fullness of Being
Episode 3: The Double Conversion
Episode 4: The Deceptive & Transient High
Episode 5: The Essential Life & Constant Structure
Episode 6: The Joy
Episode 7: The Bubble is Here
Episode 8: The Body with Organs that got left out in the rain
Episode 9: Pas de trois

Cast: Sarah Berner, Jon Campbell, Andrea Carbone, Justin Clemens, Travis de Jong, Max Delany, Trudi Hellier, Craig Judd, Milo Kossowski, Brendan Lee, Rachel Meisner, Amanda Morgan, Callum Morton, Jacqui Riva, Scott Robinson, Justin Schmidt, Jason Smith, Masato Takasa, Ronnie van Hout, Vince, Lyndal Walker, Constanze Zikos.

Dancers: Deanne Butterworth, Joseph Lehrer, Jo Lloyd, Tim Harvey

Choreography: Shelley Lasica
Score: Chris Henschke, Ben. Harper, Michael Munson

Artworks: Chad Chatterton, Clare Firth-Smith, Emily Floyd, Marco Fusinato, Danius Kesminus, Andrew McQualter, Rose Nolan, Jane Trengove, & Generic.