(Re)Points of View 2006-2010

(Re)Points of View is one of The Remake Projects 2005–ongoing, a series of works that investigates and reactivates models of conceptual practice.

(Re)Points of View, as the title indicates, reconstructs Nancy Holt’s May 1974, Points of View: Clock Tower. In that original, black-and-white video, a circular disc-like image moves across a black background while two people respond in voice-over to what they see. (Re)Points of View retains the rigorous, structural and experimental quality of Holt’s piece while overturning and reversing its original format: in this version the camera lens becomes the analyst while the players/subjects/actors (fellow artists during a Banff residency in 2006), become the analysands. What develops as the question enacted through the speaking subjects of the work is, whether the phenomenal world represented through the video image and the perceptual principles that structure the work, are available as meaning and if the experience of looking is always a translation between the major and/or minor language of the moment.

A sequel (Re)Points of View was made in Montréal during a research residency in 2010. Following the same structure as the 2006 version, (Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010 (Why Montréal?) develops around the participants' suspicions toward the project as a whole, the questioning of my intentions and role in setting up the parameters of their participation, the questioning of the project's genesis from another work and in particular that work's NY origins. The major and minor languages in this case are marked overtly, by the political borders of Canada and the US, and by the linguistic borders of Quebec and Canada.

(Re)Points of View: Banff 2006 (Why be so romantic?) is a 76-minute multi-channel HD stereo projection, featuring the performative contributions of Victoria Scott, Scott Kildall, Natalie Loveless, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Deirdre Logue, Brian MacNevin, Nina Leo, and Todd Macyk.
Exhibited at Optica: centre d'art contemporain, Montréal, 2008; in Bureau de change, at Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre, CA; MADA Faculty Gallery, Melbourne, 2009.

(Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010 (Why Montréal?) is a 100-minute multi-channel HD stereo projection featuring the performative contributions of Sylvie Gilbert, David Armstrong Six, Katherine Bodmer, Vincent Bonin, Amelia Jones, Paul Donald, Michèle Thériault and David Tomas.
Exhibited at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2011.

 still (Re)Points of View: Banff 2006   North: Victoria Scott & Scott Kildall 
 still (Re)Points of View: Banff 20066   East: Deirdre Logue & Brian MacNevin 
 still: (Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010   North: Sylvie Gilbert & David Armstrong Six 
 still: (Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010   East: Katherine Bodmer & Vincent Bonin 
 still: (Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010   South: Amelia Jones & Paul Donald 
 still: (Re)Points of View: Montréal 2010   West: Michèle Thériault & David Tomas 
 2-channel installation, Optica, Montréal, 2008   (Re)Points of View: Banff (North) with text 
 2-channel install: Optica, Montréal, 2008   Re)Points of View: Banff (West), with text.