Still Gratuitous, Light Projects, Melbourne. 2-18 December 2011.
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Still Gratuitous is an exhibition responding to an invitation from Tamsin Green (Light Projects) to re-present my 2002 exhibition Gratuitous (Penthouse & Pavement). That exhibition was part of a series of ARI exhibitions (1990-2008) formed through a consideration of the localised practices of each ARI and their manifestations as aesthetic gestures conflated with a will to exhibit. How these were productive of material and-or textual signifiers located, depending on the ARI involved, in the objects or performance of display, in site or architectural responses and interventions, and in a consensus of participatory authority surrounding these practices formed the material of the exhibition. My approach to my exhibitions in these spaces therefore was always necessarily a critique of my own practice within that frame, as much as it was an intervention into the aesthetic, exhibitionary, participatory, material, and documentary chronology of the ARI.

In regard to Light Projects in 2011, these conditions of practice (in comparison with those of 2002) are now framed within the entitlement to exhibition. These are equally gratuitous but more self-consciously institutionalised sets of practices, and reflect not only the ideologies within the site of the ARI but also those of the wider institutionalised contemporary sphere. To address these conditions, I invited artists and writers to participate in an exhibition within the exhibition that might produce a space of uncertain authority/authorship and also be a demonstration of difference within the same in terms of how critiques are themselves set-up as institutions.

The rule for the project is that all work/production on the exhibition happened in the space during the opening hours of the gallery. As well as introducing works into the spaces of the gallery, this also incorporates the building of wall frameworks within the front gallery space, and each day, a writing performance by an invited artist, "installed" in the gradually partitioned space while writing a critical text in response to the project. This performance will be visible from the street - an important address in the project. During this time a printer in one of the spaces will be printing out texts from invited writers that become a material element of the space. During the last week, works are introduced as social performances, the gallery being completely partitioned and access restricted.

Artist-Writers: Fiona Macdonald, Emma Hamilton, Anne Marsh, Roberta Rich, Tamsin Green, Ingrid Goff, Alex Martinis-Roe, Caterina Riva, Jo Holder.
Builders: Cat N. Pieper, Karryn Argus, Therese Keogh.
Invigilators: Brooke Feneer, Imogen Beynon, Remie Cibis.
Conversation Participants: Spiros Panigirakis, Tom Nicholson, Vivian Ziherl.
Feedback Participants: Connal Parsley, John Meade, Spiros Panigirakis.
Observer: Laresa Kosloff.

Still Gratuitous. Day 9, Gratuitous Demonstrations of Social Practice: the feedback session. Participants: Spiros Panigirakis, John Meade, Connal Parsley. Observers: Cat N. Pieper, Laresa Kosloff, Tamsin Green, Emma Hamilton.

Review: Spiros Panigirakis, 'It's all wall: a recent history of the wall in contemporary practice,' Un. magazine, 6.1, 2012

Light Projects website is no longer live. A publication is being produced of Light Projects exhibitions from 2009-2011.

 Still Gratuitous, Day 1     
 Still Gratuitous, day 5     
 Still Gratuitous, day 5   Writing performance: Roberta Rich 
 Still Gratuitous, Day 6   Writing Performance: Tamsin Green 
 Still Gratuitous, day 7   Writing performance: Ingrid Goff 
 Still Gratuitous, day 8     
 Still Gratuitous, day 8     
 Still Gratuitous, day 8     
 Still Gratuitous, day 8   Gratuitous Conversation Piece (Alex Martinis Roe & Spiros Panigirakis) 
 Still Gratuitous, day 9   Gratuitous Demonstration of Social Practice